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Trust Port Project documents

In December 2019 the Argyll and Bute Harbour Board agreed that work should be undertaken jointly by Council Officers, with OCHDA, to develop a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ relating to the transfer of powers to the future Trust Port and the development of a commercial lease for specific properties on the North Pier which were to become the Trust Port operating base. This section contains the OCHDA record of the meetings to develop this Memorandum of Understanding and the various documents which were required to be produced by OCHDA (deliverables) to satisfy Council officers that OCHDA was developing a sound business case. There were also agreed deliverables due from the Council. The most recent ‘schedule of deliverables’ shows all of these as at October 2021 when work on the deliverables ceased.



OCHDA Submissions to Harbour Board

In 2021, at the request of OCHDA, an ‘informal’ meeting was held involving the key Council Officers involved in discussions with OCHDA, the local (Oban, Lorn and the Isles) elected Members of the Council and the elected Members of the Harbour Board. In advance of the meeting a briefing note (dated June 23rd) was produced by Council Officer which contained a number of significant errors. Following feedback from OCHDA this briefing note was amended (alterations were highlighted) in July and reissued. At the meeting OCHDA presented the then-new analysis of vessel movements in the Bay showing the rapid increase in traffic particularly associated with the North Pier and the transit berths. From this meeting, which solidly demonstrated the case for the Trust Port being based on the North Pier. Documents here include the two briefing notes and OCHDA’s comments on the first, the evidence presented by OCHDA to the meeting and OCHDA’s record of the meeting. One document (entitled Key supporting information), which relates to the detailed analysis of vessel movements and finance, was modified to clarify financial matters and this is made clear in the document.

Two further (formal) meetings of the Harbour Board took place in 2021, leading to the decision to promote the Municipal Port as the Council’s preferred option on December 2nd.. The documents in this section include OCHDA’s submissions to the Harbour Board made in response to the Officers reports in September and December. The original Council reports can be accessed by hyperlink from the relevant OCHDA submission.


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