Draft HRO Consultation & responses

The Council's proposed HRO: formal consultation responses

Oban Municipal Harbour proposals: what you said

The formal period for making objections or other submissions closed on January 10th.. Since then there has been very little news from either Transport Scotland or Argyll & Bute Council. We are told that there were 126 submissions made to Transport Scotland – an unprecedented number. In the last 10 years there have been 25 Harbour Order consultations across Scotland and only 57 submissions were made in total. It is not clear how, or when, Transport Scotland and Argyll & Bute Council will attempt to resolve the objections but there is a commitment to contact everyone who made a submission.
OCHDA has tried, without success so far,  to get these submissions made public, since Transport Scotland refused to publish them. In the meantime we have analysed the 76 submissions that were copied to us and, in the interests of open government and transparency, we are publishing summaries of these here, gathered according to the principal concerns mentioned. We expect that all 126 submissions will be made public in due course and we expect that the Council will also produce some sort of analysis. When they do we shall scrutinise it carefully!
If you would like to see the summary of submissions expressing concerns on the key points of Harbour Limits, Consultation (both this consultation and  future  consultation over the running of the harbour), Moorings and the proposed Financial arrangements, click on one of the buttons below.

Public meeting and submission materials

Oban Municipal Harbour proposals: what they mean for you

A very well-attended public meeting saw 90+ people at The Rockfield Centre hearing about the Council’s plans for Oban Harbour.

A detailed briefing was provided by Oban Community Council and OCHDA (Oban Community Harbour Development Association), followed by a substantial Question and Answer session. The presentation materials are here. The Q&A session transcript is here.

Questioners were particularly concerned by the timing of this consultation and limited notice of it, the Council’s plans for existing moorings in the Bay, including plans for Ardentrive Bay and Kerrera marina, the lack of financial information and future publishing of accounts for the harbour. In addition, and overall, the meeting was very concerned by the Council’s proposed arrangements for involvement of harbour users and other stakeholders in decision-making regarding the future of the Harbour.
The meeting overwhelmingly supported a motion from the Chair that we should write, formally, to Transport Scotland and to Argyll & Bute Council requesting that the 42 days for submissions relating to the formal consultation should be paused over the festive period or stopped and re-started completely in the New Year.
Anyone with an interest in the future running of Oban Harbour can make their views known during the initial phase of the formal consultation which closes on Jan 10th 2024. Details of how to make a submission can be found here or on the Council’s Municipal Harbour web page.

Have your say: make sure that your voice is heard in planning the future of Oban Harbour

There are 42 days for objections or representations to be submitted, from 30th November (closes 10th January 2024). An objector must state the grounds for their objection or representation and give an address for correspondence relating to the objection or representation.

If you submit an objections or make a representation it will be passed to Argyll & Bute Council who may contact you to discuss your concerns. There is no fixed timescale for this stage in the process and this will very much depend on the nature and scale of any objections received. Note that any representations and objections may be published on Transport Scotland’s website

Objections or representations should be sent to Transport Scotland, Ports and Harbours Branch, Area 2F North, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ or email harbourorders@transport.gov.scot within before 10th January 2024 quoting “Oban Harbour Revision Order 2023” stating the grounds of their objection.

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