Documents relating to the development of the Council's proposed Municipal Harbour

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From Trust Port to Municipal Harbour

Despite initial enthusiasm and collaborative working, by mid-2021 the Council had apparently lost interest in the Trust Port project. An “options appraisal” was commissioned to look at the various options but, in the end, evaluated only the Trust Port. Without any evidence the appraisal concluded that either CMAL or the Council would be better-equipped to develop the new Harbour Authority quickly – possibly in time for the 2023 sailing season.

In view of the historical concerns regarding a CMAL-run harbour, the Council decided to promote the development of a Municipal Harbour for Oban.

During 2022, under the aegis of the Oban Bay Management Group, OCHDA attempted to support the Council’s decision, contributing extensiveley to the production of the first draft HRO in August 2022.

The Council's Municipal Harbour project:
Harbour Board reports, HRO drafts and OCHDA responses

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