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In order to explore the development of a Trust Port, the Oban Bay Management Group has been working with the Oban Bay Stakeholders Group (OBSG) and other interested parties to identify the preferred means of bringing this about.   To this end, the Oban Community Harbour Development Association (OCHDA) was formed, meeting for the first time in April 2019.  By this time the OBSG had already completed a preliminary financial evaluation which demonstrated that the Trust Port was economically viable.

Management Committee (2024)

Chair - Phil Hamerton

Co-Vice Chair - John MacAlister

Co-Vice Chair - Ross Wilson

Treasurer - Peter Tosh

Committee Members (2024)

Sandra Melville, Robert Kincaid, Duncan Martin, David Vass, Rob Barlow, Craig Dalgliesh, Donald Robertson

Co-opted: Mike Thoms, Frank Roberts (ex officio)

Webmaster: Linda Battison

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