Our mission

OCHDA is a community-based group working towards the establishment of a safe, successful harbour, operating in the interests of all stakeholders as far as possible, now and in the future.

OCHDA is committed to the establishment of a Trust Port in Oban as soon as this can be achieved. In the meantime OCHDA will continue to support the Council in the establishment of a fit-for-purpose Municipal Harbour in Oban.

Our members

OCHDA represents all users of the waters of Oban Bay and all stakeholders – those who have an interest in the Bay, including those whose lives and livelihoods centre on Oban Bay. Membership is open and free to anyone with a legitimate interest in Oban Harbour.


Our Constitution

Management Committee Office-bearers (2024)

Chair - Phil Hamerton

Co-Vice Chair - John MacAlister

Co-Vice Chair - Ross Wilson

Treasurer - Peter Tosh

Other Committee Members (2024)

Sandra Melville, Robert Kincaid, Duncan Martin, David Vass, Rob Barlow, Craig Dalgliesh, Donald Robertson

Co-opted: Mike Thoms, Frank Roberts (ex officio)